How to Choose The Right Colour For Your Walls

How to Choose The Right Colour For Your Walls

Don’t Paint Right Away

When moving into a new home, decorating it can be a lot of work, and you need to get done with the things first which are significant. And naturally, people pick out painting the walls in the very beginning. That is one big mistake. Try choosing your theme and furniture first, so you know what look you want in your room.

Getting An Inspiration

Getting inspired is very important, and there are multiple things you can get the inspiration from. You don’t have to stick with some old traditional home décor styles on the internet. It can be your coffee mugs, your favorite color, your favorite jewelry piece or absolutely anything.

Neutral Selection

In a room, you don’t want a lot of things to compete and want just one center of attention. And trust me, that is the right thing to do.

If you want to your walls to draw all the attention, go with the bold colors. Throw in some patterns or styles and decorate it as much as you want. But, go easy on your furniture then. Otherwise, choose some neutral colors for walls and go heavy on the furniture and other home décor things.

Use Testers

Test paints are now available in almost all the paint shops for a few bucks. And it is totally worth buying some testers before purchasing the gallons of wrong shades.
Paint a large part of your wall with paint and leave it there for several weeks. It would help you decide better by observing it in different lights throughout the day and night.

Test Against Your Furniture

If you have decided a color, it is important that it goes with your furniture and other stuff well too. You, of course, don’t want it to match, so paint cardboard or something and hold it next to the furniture to see if the color goes well with it.

Understand All The Undertones

When choosing a color, go with the darkest tone to try first. This would help you choose the right tone, and you won’t end up with something that is too pink, red or blue.

Try understanding all the undertones available and pick out the right one for the right room.

Have A Colour Theme For Your Home

You don’t want any of your rooms to look odd or out like not a part of your house.

You don’t have to paint every room in the same color. But, pay close attention to the rooms which open to each other. Try choosing the right theme for them. You don’t want to go from bright red to light blue in just some seconds.

Also, to give your home better vibes, try not painting all your walls in the same color. Even not in one room. Throw in a darker or lighter shade as compared to others.

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