Unique and Cheap Home Decor Ideas

Unique and Cheap Home Decor Ideas

Decorating your home can be a tough job, especially if you have a tight budget. It is nothing to worry about anymore, with these spectacular ideas, you can decorate your home quickly and add some more money to your traveling jar too. Give your home a more personal feel by crafting your decoration pieces.

Book Side Table

Got too many books bulked up on shelves? Can’t make your mind to throw them away? You don’t have to throw them either now.

Start placing one book over other a little tilted and top it with a shelf on the top. After you have a proper idea of what it should look like, start drilling holes through it, of course where you will be nailing it, and glue the nails in each book and glue them all together. Color the shelf just as you like and glue it on the top then. Enjoy!

Old Chairs?

Don’t have extra budget to buy new furniture but the old one has started looking too old? Nothing to worry about! Use the leftover paint to cover all the furniture edges. This would not only give a new ravishing look to your furniture but more style and common color in your rooms.

Table Spill-Proof Mats

Been using the old mats for too long and they don’t give a fresh look anymore? You don’t have to settle with old styles and boring patterns anymore! Cut out the 13 by 17 inches rectangles from any fabric you like. For each mat, cut out two rectangles of vinyl of the same size. Iron one piece of vinyl on each side and give your home new refreshing vibes.

Piggy Banks

Want to teach your kids how to save pennies? Why not show them by saving some on the piggy banks too? Create your own by taking old wiping cloth bottles and painting it white. Ask your kids to decorate it or print out some cool styles and stick them on it.

Print Your Art

Cool pictures can cost a lot so why not print your photos? Not only will it cost less, but you have an infinite number of arts and sceneries to choose from. And you can use absolutely any picture off the internet because guess what? No copyrights for using them in your own home! Hang them easily with some picture hangers.

Cool Pendant Lights

You don’t have to wait for the dinner under boring lights and can create your cool pendant lights to hang over your dinner table or study table. Just take some nesting bowls, make a hole in them and pass the wire through it.

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