Kitchen Splashbacks: What Material Should You Choose?

Kitchen Splashbacks: What Material Should You Choose?

There are many benefits in installing a kitchen splashback. These come in many materials including glass, stainless steel and marble etc. So, what will be the best material for your kitchen? What material has the most benefits? Read what is given below to find the benefits of using each of these materials.


You can get a glass splashback in many personalised designs – both plain and printed – which allows you a wider range of choices. Most of the time the designers allow you to add a design or an image of your preference. Glass is also naturally resistant to bacteria. This means that the maintenance of glass splashbacks will be so easy as it can be wiped off easily. In comparison to regular tiles, using a glass splashback to protect your wall from stains and splashes is more cost effective. Tiles need to be cleaned often, especially their edges and the tiles grout. Glass splashbacks do not have this challenge, its smooth surface making wiping dirt easier.

Stainless Steel

A stainless-steel splashback has the advantage of being heat resistant. Especially when using behind the kitchen stove, using a heat resistant material is the best option. These are the most effective for handling hot temperatures. These flashbacks are known for their durability and can last a lifetime. They are touch and will not easily dent. Similar to having a mirror, stainless steel splashbacks can give the illusion of a larger space due to its sleek, reflective surface. Similar to glass ones, they are easy to clean and also are available in many styles and designs.


A stone splashback is the best to add to a kitchen that has a modern contemporary theme going on. The muted or neutral tones and textures add further to the natural colours and accents on a modern styles’ kitchen. The minimalistic look added by stone splashbacks will appear elegant and can give a luxurious touch to the interior décor of your kitchen. Most interior décor experts also agree that these has a timeless appeal so you don’t have to worry about them going out of trend.

Porcelain/ Ceramic

One of the best benefits of porcelain splashbacks is that they can be installed and removed easily. So, If you are looking to remodel the kitchen in future or change its interior layout, you can easily change the position of your splashback without a fuss.

Also, if you are someone who lives to go green and are looking for materials that are eco-friendly, then know that these are made of natural materials and can be easily reused or recycle, making sure the environmental impact they have is minimal. So if you are shopping for an eco-friendly features united stone Melbourne have splashbacks that are porcelain made just for your kitchen.

Now that you know the benefit of using each material, you can easily choose which one to use in your kitchen. Think of their durability, maintenance as well as the visual appeal before you purchase them. See how well they match with the interior décor of your kitchen too.

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