The Various Types and Uses of Earthmoving Equipment

The Various Types and Uses of Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving equipment is called as such because they are heavy-duty machinery that is used for construction operations for earthworks which include removal of topsoil and vegetation before scraping the area, digging for foundations, landscaping, mining, etc.


If you require earthmoving equipment but you do not have any idea which ones you need, you have to remember that these machines are categorized based on their uses. There are the excavators, loaders, bulldozers, graders, trenchers and scrapers. Knowing what they are used for would be easier for you to determine which ones you need for your construction project.


In every construction project, an excavating machine is necessary because they are mainly used for digging, excavating foundations, trenches and holes. These machineries are versatile and could also be used for heavy lifting, installation of pipes, demolition, grading and river dredging as long as special attachments are used for these special types of work.


Loaders are the same as excavators although their main and major difference is that loaders have a shovel at the front and a bucket at the back for digging. Another difference is that loaders are driven on wheels compared to excavators which are usually driven with treads. Loaders are also comparatively smaller than excavators and are usually used for works in a more restrained space. Even if smaller in size, loaders are also versatile and could install pipes, dig holes, backfill excavations and move dirt.


Powerful and heavy-duty machinery, bulldozers are the perfect choice when it comes to moving a large amount of dirt. This machine is recognizable by everyone because of the flat blade in front of it that pushes piles of dirt from one place to another. Because of its weight, bulldozers are also used to crush large boulders. And if you require a bulldozer to bulldoze or to clear the ground and remove any obstructions for you, consider earthmoving company Melbourne for all your earthmoving machinery needs.


Compared to other machines, graders are called as such because they are used for fine grading dirt and smaller jobs. One of their purposes as well as to prepare the road before placing the asphalt. Graders are also used for drainage ditches.


Called as such, these machines are used not only to dig trenches but also for cabling and piping of smaller, narrower trenches. Trenches come in various types and sizes and you have to be clear for which purpose you are using one since they vary in use. Large trenching machines are even used to cut asphalt pavements. So, if you need one just to dig trenches, a smaller one will do.


Scrapers, on the other hand, are used for levelling a large area of land. Same with trenchers, scrapers also differ in size and use.


Heavy-duty machines such as these are costly and could be difficult to purchase if you are just starting with your construction business. Fortunately, you could hire professionals to do earthworks for you especially if you have no idea how to operate these machines.

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