Tips to Design A Contemporary Bathroom

Tips to Design A Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary interiors are known for their minimalist yet elegant look. When it comes to designing or remodelling your bathroom, giving it a contemporary style is a great way to make it look sleek and rich. Take a look at the following list to see what are the essentials to be added in a contemporary bathroom and how they add to the overall look of the place.

Vanity and Mirrors

The style and design of a vanity speaks volumes about the bathroom aesthetic and theme. One of the most modern trends in vanities is the installation of a floating vanity. A floating vanity has the ability to create the illusion of extra floor space, making your bathroom looks bigger. To make it even more minimalist, you can have both open and closed compartments, which allows you to show off your accessories as a part of the décor while still maintaining a simpler look. Adding a floating mirror together with these can complete the perfect look.

Move in to Modern Faucets

If you are looking to give a modern look to your bathroom, then it is time to move away from traditional faucets to more modern designs such as wall mounted or waterfall faucets. To give a richer look, you can get them in unique metallic colours or neutral colours such as black. These taps can add a unique look to the interior décor. They are the perfect combination of simple yet elegant and also add a well-kept, clean appearance to the bathroom. An added advantage of these taps when compared with traditional taps is that they are easier to clean because there is only a slim chance of calcium build-up.

Level Access Shower

A level access shower or a walk-in shower is another feature that adds a luxurious look to a bathroom. They are stylish and practical with only a minimal hardware. However, while they do look luxurious and add that spa-like feature to your bathroom, they are one of the most affordable bathrooms features you can get. If you are not a fan of walk in showers but are still looking for a minimalist look, you can opt for frameless shower screens. There are many stores for you to shop for a frameless screen in Melbourne but can ship Australia wide if your house is outside the city.

Unique Tiles

Tiles help to complete the overall look of a bathroom. No matter how well you plan out and design the rest of the bathroom features, if you do not pay enough attention to the tiles and tile designs, it can dampen the entire look you are trying to create. Instead of going for the average tile styles you see in everyday bathrooms, you can go for bigger tiles, which can add a sense of calmness, and while also creating the illusion of large space. These are especially perfect for smaller bathrooms. Another tile design you can try out is mosaic tiles, which are known for their ability to add a luxurious look to wherever they are installed.

These features, joined with the right combination of colours and metals can give you the most calming and luxurious looking bathroom ever.

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